Holywood Network celebrates birthday of Mrs. Tebow

Former Miss Universe married Tim Tebow after another former Miss Universe dumped him for abstaining from sex

Holywood Network celebrates birthday of Mrs. Tebow
Holywood Network celebrates birthday of Mrs. Tebow
Holywood Network celebrates birthday of Mrs. Tebow

By Tiffany Roney


It’s unfortunate when a person is ridiculed for righteousness, but God always has the last word.


Tim Tebow, former NFL player, was mocked for refusing to have sex with a former Miss Universe, but he is now married to another former Miss Universe, and today is her birthday.


Not Te-‘bow’ing to sin


Tim was made a media mockery when he abstained from sex with a former Miss Universe who was his girlfriend at the time. Due to his love for God, Tebow stood strong against the woman’s advances, even though articles and comment threads labeled him an idiot, a prude and a closet homosexual for resisting a woman of her beauty and status.


That woman broke up with Tebow because of his commitment to purity.


In the words of The Mercury News, he was “dumped by (a) former Miss Universe.” To many in the world, it may have looked as though Tebow lost out, but God knew what was coming.


After the breakup due to Tebow’s biblical stance, God brought a new beautiful woman into his life who shares his commitment to Christ.


As of Jan. 20, 2020, Tebow is married to model Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, a former Miss Universe. Not only did God give him a woman who stands against temptation to honor the Lord, but He also gave him one who is stunningly beautiful and honored worldwide.


When God gives back what we give up for Him, He never disappoints.


Tebow told People, “I’ve been waiting my entire life for someone special, who I can spend the rest of my life with. I was waiting for the right person to come along. And now I’m marrying Demi. I can’t wait to see what our future holds. All of my dreams have come true. It was 100 percent worth the wait.”


Biblical beauty’s birthday


Today, on Demi Tebow’s birthday, The Holywood Network recognizes Demi as a bastion of purity and light in this generation. We honor her for using her beauty and influence to stand for biblical morality and holiness, and we wish her the happiest of birthdays.


With “the most incredible husband” who Demi says she loves with her whole heart, we trust that she’s having a wonderful day.


To receive a Godly love story like Tim and Demi’s, submit to God’s ways. Ask Him to forgive you of any sins — sexual or otherwise — and invite Him to lead your life. His ways are higher than the ways of the flesh. As Tim and Demi show, He rewards the faithful and brings about Kingdom marriages, all in the proper time.


Seek God for all things good.