Lend a Talent to Children in Need

Actress and singer Jen Lilley is hosting a worldwide talent contest to raise funds for children in foster care. The contest even has a category requiring no talent because Lilley wanted to open the offer to everyone. It's a chance for people to make their dreams come true while helping children in need.

Lend a Talent to Children in Need

By Tiffany Roney


Actors, musicians, dancers, people with quirky talents and Hallmark movie lovers have a free opportunity to make their dreams to come true while helping children — Jen Lilley’s Voices That Give contest. 


Lilley has starred in multiple Hallmark movies and other films, as well as in the long-standing soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” Aside from acting, she has a huge heart for children in need. Lilley is a foster, adoptive and biological parent, and she and her husband recently took in a 21-year old who aged out of foster care. 


Entering the contest is free and casting one vote is free. Additional votes cost $1 each. All of Lilley’s profit goes to Project Orphans, which is building a neighborhood in the U.S. for foster children to live with loving families. 



“I believe each of us was created on purpose for a purpose,” Lilley said. “My purpose is to use my platform to advocate for children in need. Also, I am very pro-artist and I want to help others who have a dream. This contest is like ‘America's Got Talent’ meets Kickstarter meets Live Aid online to benefit children in need.”

Prizes for winners in each category will receive a “World Changer” shirt from Lilley’s online store, plus:

  • Hallmark fan — Appear in a Hallmark movie with Jen Lilley. (If you don’t want to be on screen, just on set, that is perfectly fine; it’s up to you.)
  • Musician
    • $500 USD in cash (if not Grand Prize Winner)
    • Feedback from legendary songwriter Diane Warren on your performance
    • A featured interview on Big Time Radio, broadcast in 44 countries worldwide
    • Career guidance by Big Time Entertainment Group
  • Dancer 
    • $500 USD in cash (if not Grand Prize Winner)
    • Dancer gift box filled with $250 worth of items
  • Actor
    • $500 USD in cash (if not Grand Prize Winner)
    • Walk-on role in one of Lilley’s upcoming Hallmark Channel movies
    • Meeting with a prominent Hollywood Talent Manager
    • Mentorship session with Jen Lilley
  • Other talent (could be anything from cooking to unicycling; the options are endless)  
    • $500 USD in cash (if not Grand Prize Winner)
    • $250 surprise gift box full of items. 


The overall grand prize includes $10,000 USD in cash plus national media coverage and their category-specific prize. 


Entrants in any category who garner at least 100 votes will receive an exclusive autographed copy of Lilley’s debut music album, LILLEY. Additionally, shots from their submission videos will automatically qualify to be featured in Lilley’s music video for her song, “On The Street Where You Live.”



To enter:

  • Follow @Jen_ Lilley and @VoicesThatGive on Instagram. 
  • Make a YouTube video of your acting, singing or hidden talent, or submit an existing YouTube video or a TikTok video that has been uploaded to YouTube. For the Hallmark fan category, submit a video simply sharing why you would like to be in a Hallmark movie with Jen Lilley. 

The deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on May 31. Voting begins June 1.


“You can make your God-given dreams come true for free, win incredible incredible prizes and help children just by being a ‘voice that gives,’” Lilley said. “How else can you help children by using your gifts, from the comfort of your home while you’re sheltering in place? What do you have to lose? Nothing. What do the children have to lose if you don’t rise to the fun call? Everything.” 


More information on each category:


The musician category includes singers, instrument-players and songwriters of all genres and experience levels. Whether they play an instrument or sing in any range or style, Voices That Give wants to showcase their talent. Musicians submit as a band, orchestra, choir or group as long everyone consents to being in the submitted video.


The actor category calls for actors of all genres and experience levels. Non-union and union actors are invited to submit. The contest will be in union compliance for the actor who wins and receives the walk-on role in a Hallmark Movie.


The dancer genre is for dancers of all genres and experience levels. Entrants may submit solo or in groups and troupes as long as everyone agrees to participate.


The hidden talent category is for any fun, unique, silly or serious talent. 


All entrants must be 13 years or older.