Paris Hilton uses worship song in new video

Paris Hilton uses worship song in new video
Paris Hilton uses worship song in new video

Paris Hilton’s latest video features worship music as its soundtrack.

Since the video was posted by Hilton herself, it is apparent that the boss babe is listening to worship music and finds it valuable enough to share with her 1.04 million YouTube subscribers.

The song is “Always Enough” by Sajan Nauriyal, a worship artist from Seattle.

The lyrics include these lines:

“All this time I thought that what I really wanted was some money or something to fill my bank account, but now I know that all I really wanted was to be Yours. ‘Cause You’re the One Who turned my life around.”

It also includes these worshipful, praise-filled lyrics: “You are exalted above everything on the Earth … I’ll keep singing Your praise.”

While we can’t say for certain that Hilton has become a Christ-follower, it is clear that she has recently undergone a transformation and a healing from the inside out, as chronicled by her documentary, “This Is Paris” and subsequent interviews with Tracy Smith of “CBS Sunday Morning,” Ellen Degeneres of “Ellen,” Dr. Oz, Lewis Howes, and other hosts and networks.

As Hilton shared in one interview after the documentary was released, she didn’t plan to display her traumatic past in the documentary, which was intended to focus on her business, but she ended up sharing about her deep wounds because she “felt so comfortable with the director.”

The director, Alexandra Dean, mentioned prayer in her Oct. 2, 2020, post in which she referenced “praying the footage would be salvaged.” 

Though it’s not completely clear where either of them stand in their faith journey, it is indisputable that Dean helped Hilton to face her past and begin to heal, and that is certainly the heart of Jesus, who asks us all, like He asked the man who laid by the pool in John 5:6, “Wilt thou be made whole?” Or, in this writer’s modern paraphrase, “Would you be willing to let me make you whole?”

We pray that all of you come to know Jesus and can sing to Him from your heart the final lines of the worship song Hilton selected:

“You’re the One Who turned my life around.”