Two Girlicious Band Members Professed Christians:

From Pop Stars to Peace Filled Disciples

Two Girlicious Band Members Professed Christians:

“From POP Star To Peace Filled Disciple”

From Popstar to Peace-Filled Disciple
[These young, newly-proclaimed Christians in music prove that living a life of Faith trumps Fame and the Billboard charts!]

By: Emily Kirk 

It was April 22, 2008—the pointy end of an American spring when two young Californians - then-19 year old Natalie Mejia of Diamond Bar, and 20 year old Chrystina Sayers of San Diego - were announced as 2/4ths of the hottest new girl group, “Girlicious.” Formed by the creator of the huge global brand that was the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin, the group was formally introduced to the United States (and the rest of the world - over 3 million viewers tuned in to the finale in Latin America alone!) as an Urban-Pop, sex-driven fusion of equal parts energy and swag on the 2nd season of  hit CW reality show, “The Pussycat Dolls Present.” Mejia, edited on the show as the cocky, very confident, strong performer who infamously told the camera “Beauty is a talent! 

“Some girls in this (bootcamp competition house), are just more beautiful than others!” found a best friend in Sayers, who struggled with showing the judges she was a consistently polished performer who was ready for the limelight. Well, ready or not, both girls would have to buckle up for the ride, because overnight, they went from hiding in hotel rooms rehearsing with Antin and her team of industry greats to debuting on T.R.L, having their debut single “Like Me” rise to #1 on the iTunes Download and #2 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts, singing the national anthem for David Beckham, opening up for Britney Spears on the North American leg of her “Circus” tour, and even presenting Rihanna her award on Canada’s Much Music Awards after being the headline performers of the show for receiving Double Platinum Album status up there, of course.

Well, after riding the hamster wheel of fame, major label swaps, group lineup changes, even a drug accusation scandal (Mejia was arrested in 2010 after police discovered drugs in her handbag in a traffic jam) - both girls called it quits on Girlicious, announcing their joint departures in early 2011. They continued their individual pursuits of fame. Sayers had a guest role on drama “The Closer” embarked on a Canadian media tour, starred as a Next Generation Pussycat Doll in the 2012 GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial, went through 3 bad management deals, the latter of who tarnished her promising reality web series—leading her to swallow her pride and eventually retreat to making a GoFundMe page where fans fund her independent music video and E.P.

Mejia was less guarded—-she landed a deal with Kemosabe and Interscope as part of the original lineup of Antin’s other group “G.R.L.” before she left to have her daughter. She then started her own group signed to an independent label with her 2 sisters...Jazzy, who would eventually take her place in G.R.L. 

Four years later, and Taylor, called MEJIA. MEJIA’s lead single Stray, with rapper Jerome Jay, was booty, leather, curse word, and sex clad - certainly not the tongue-in-cheek entrede lyrics Girlicious sang. She led her sisters through a life of Veganism, meditation, crystals, frequently posting MEJIA content with new-age affirmation voiceovers and declarations that she’ll manifest being famous again. She even posted pictures of her new Divine Heart Energy Healing certification and business.

However, on 30th of October, 2019 and April 24th, 2020, respectively - both women, now in their early 30s, shocked the music world and their mostly gay male Girlicious fanbase by making equally bold statements on their social media accounts to their audience of then-92,000 combined followers - they were now both Born-Again Christians and have found Jesus.


Chrystina who subtly alluded to this life change weeks earlier announcing a fandom name change from the self-affirming fan name of “Slayers” to a freeing “Butterflies”, was first. Pairing a photoset with an open letter to her followers saying in part;

“Looking back, I realize how much bondage I was <in>. All the bad things as a youngn’ till now, in my personal and entertainment life, I was open too and it’s sad because ‘bad‘ equaled ‘good’. For years, I was tricked into thinking if I show my naked body, I’m better. If I curse & use foul language, I’m super cool. If I look down on others, I’m worthy of a crown. If I’m ok with sexual perversion & sex out<side> of marriage, it’s hot! If I sleep around, why not? If I care only about materialistic things & superficial things, I’m ahead of the game & I’ll totally be happy. If I idolize anything other than Jesus, I’m awesome. Happiness is no amount to health, true love, & #1 GOD! Giving my life to Jesus Christ has not only opened my eyes to know all the things I mentioned above are ALL lies but also there is nothing more significant than walking a life of faith.”

Natalie, given her reputation and career as an Energy Healer who was a strong believer in the New-Age movement - (and the fact she had released a TikTok with her daughter reading Spiritual book The Alchemist just days earlier!), was more bold and direct about her proclamation of Faith. Deleting all of her pouty selfies, singing covers, music content, Girlicious throwback pictures with Kim Kardashian, even cute pictures of her wedding day and young family - for a simple graphic of Luke 9:23. Her short, now new first post on her account, read in full
“It’s easy to give up SELF, everything that you ‘thought’ was for you, that was ‘you’ when you are filled with the Holy Spirit. You make room for what HIS WILL is for you, for your life, and it’s better than even YOU can ever imagine.” Completed with the hashtag #Jesusistheonlytruth.

Sayers has since released her first and only Christian song since, lending her Aaliyah-like vocals and ad-libs to the hook of  a collaboration called Jesus Is King (Free & Forgiven), a track with fellow LA artist, independent Christian Hip-Hop singer Joel Branch. Her past solo music can only be found by fans on YouTube, and all non-CCM material has been deleted from her Spotify page. She still sings elsewhere, utilising her gifts singing on the Worship Team at her local church in Los Angeles, living a life with complete freedom with her Boyfriend and newfound confidence she lacked all those years ago on national TV.

Mejia on the other hand, has been uncharacteristically quieter since denouncing her desire to live for the world. Her social media feeds are now exclusively a haven of Bible verse graphics, the only picture of herself - or anyone else for that matter - being her profile picture. Instead of links to her solo and group music videos such as the sexy Alfredo Flores-directed Clumsy, demonic, blood-on-the-walls Halloween song Create Or Die with her latest group Kreative Mindz, or a long list of career labels and achievements her bio simply reads “Born Again Christian. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend.”

It is unclear as to whether or not the two ex-popstars are still close friends, however fellow Girlicious member Tiffanie Anderson - now a world-renowned textiles artist who famously sold Blue Ivy a painting she cheekily bid on in the audience while her Mum Beyonce sat next to her in 2018, vaguely addressed Girlicious fans’ hopes of a quarantine Zoom reunion in May of this year in a short video exclaiming “I just kinda feel like... uh, that was kind of like, a chapter in my life… when I was younger”, shadily stating that “being in a girl group… was kind of for the other girls.” Hours later, a leaked message from Natalie to a fan surfaced on a fan account, Mejia telling an unknown follower that “<A Girlicious reunion>’s not going to happen, I spoke with the other girls. We have all moved onto our lives and don’t want to revisit the past”.

That past, is clearly a path not worth revisiting as made clear by both women - a past where Fame, Attention, and Worldwide Success are nothing in comparison to living a life with a heart fully surrendered to Jesus Christ.